The thermal spa experience in Morin-Heights
The thermal cycle: hot, cold, rest

A concept originating in Finland, thermotherapy consists of alternating between hot and cold temperatures in order to free your body from toxins and stress. Let yourself be tempted… Warm up your body with a Finnish sauna or a eucalyptus steam bath, then pass under the Nordic waterfall. The thermal shock will bring you a feeling of absolute relaxation that you will be able to appreciate during the final resting phase.

No reservation required.

Our massages
There are many benefits to a massage

In addition to contributing to a sense of  overall relaxation, it helps relieve muscle tension, reducing stress and improving sleep. Our certified therapists offer several techniques provided according to your specific needs and the benefits you are looking for.

Our aesthetic and body treatments
Pamper your skin with our beauty and body treatments

Offer your body the opportunity to rest and revitalize yourself thanks to a high standard of care. You will be won over by our complete range of massages, facial treatments and body care treatments. Each treatment becomes an invitation to fully experience the present moment.

Let yourself be transported into a world of well-being and relaxation
Amerispa Spa Nordique Morin-Heights
The thermal experience in Morin-Heights
Enjoy a unique thermal experience in the heart of the Laurentians

Our Nordic facilities will bring your body well-being and pleasure. 

Enhance your relaxing day with a stop at the bistro where you will discover the varied menu and wine selection.