Men Treatments
You deserve this time.
Therapeutic Massage50min
Monday - Thursday $165
Friday - Sunday $195
Tailored to your needs, this massage eliminates muscle and back pain by concentrating on tension points. It will bring you pure well-being.

Warm and Cold Basalt Stone Massage100min
Monday - Thursday $245
Friday - Sunday $292
A massage given using an ancient ritual. Alternating movements with warm stones to relieve muscle tensions and cold stones to reduce inflammation, boost energy and stimulate body tone.

Energizing Facial Treatment for Men50min
Monday - Thursday $154
Friday - Sunday $177
A facial treatment for men's sensitive and irritated epidermis due to external aggravation and shaving. Oxygen soothes, hydrates and tones the skin. A face, shoulder and hand massage offers immediate relaxation.

Pedicure for Executive50min
Monday - Thursday $84
Friday - Sunday $91
A complete foot treatment including a foot scrub, callus decrease and moisturizing treatment as well as a foot and front leg massage. The treatment ends with a nutritive foot mask. The perfect treatment for any well-groomed man!